Ivanhoe School District Map

Ivanhoe and Allesandro Elementary Boundaries 2017


In 2017 Ivanhoe Elementary will celebrate its 128th year. It is one of the most desirable public elementary schools in Los Angeles for several reasons.  The Principal, Ms. Rescia along with staff and parents are all inspired, committed to the students and are extremely organized.  Together they have consistently raised significant outside funds which allows the school to spend over $1,000 per student per year on teacher's aids, technology instruction, art, music and field trips.

Their website is also organized and easy to follow.  The monthly messages from Ms. Rescia are inspiring and shares how she cares deeply about her students well being and academic futures.  The parent's corner details an event calendar, lunch menu, after school programs and a section to assist in the middle school application process.  The school also provides support for students at various levels of learning capability and involves the community.

Ivanhoe also maintains a strict watch over eligible students who live within the boundaries.  I've heard of bed checks and visits to homes to ensure that students actually live in the area.  

Homes for sale in this area carry a higher price per square foot than surrounding areas primarily due to Ivanhoe.  Other schools are following suit such as Cheremoya Elementary at the base of Beachwood Canyon, Micheltorena Elementary on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake and Mayberry Elementary on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

We are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds of each sale in these school districts to the corresponding school.

Campus Map

Campus Map