What is The Eastside Collection?

In a nutshell, what is the Eastside Collection?

The Eastside Collection is a team that represents buyers and sellers who seek a highly customized and personalized level of real estate services in the Eastside of LA.

What is The Eastside Collection's internal purpose? 

To honor the sanctity of the real estate experience. We don’t do “deals”. We are not “top producers”. These terms and ideals are offensive to us and demean people. A Realtor is the one lifeline people have in a transaction and trust in that Realtor is critical. The only way to manifest that trust is to truly honor the role we must play.

Define the roles between the team’s principals? 

Imraan is the public face. His knowledge and expertise is our product. Aki is his partner and brand guardian. She oversees marketing and communication, insuring that everything we do is consistent with our standards.  Amir and Tanya are our buyer specialist team. Their focus is vigilantly monitoring the market to find and facilitate a smooth transition for our Buyers into their new home.

How are decisions are made that serve those standards?

Every decision must support who we are, what we believe and how we’re perceived. If anything presented to us distracts from these tenets, we walk. This applies to who we work with, what we are asked to do, where we market, what vendors we work with, etc. 

What created such a demand for our services?

We believe it’s a byproduct of what we’ve projected - professionalism at its highest degree, composure and brutal honesty at every turn that serves to protect our clients at all cost. People prefer this far more passionately than their need to just hire a Realtor. 

What exercises did we undergo to shape these beliefs in the public’s mind? 

As entrepreneurs and service providers we  study what we do, we evaluate our successes and failures and continually evolve as a result. Empathy is a critical component of branding which requires us to continually place ourselves in our clients’ shoes and ask ourselves what we would want if we were them. We know people yearn for great service. By providing that in every way possible, we created this sense of us without ever saying it.  

What is The Eastside Collection's external brand promise?

We promise our clients a customized service across all aspects of our work designed specifically for their needs. Every client is guaranteed to be treated individually rather than fall into a template process for service that works for everyone. This is something people want and it supports our purpose. 

If you could state one thing that the Eastside Collection owns what would that be?

Excellence. From copy to design, service, representation, from grand efforts to the simplest detail, everything must resonate excellence. To illustrate, our photography of each property is strategically thought out prior to the photographer's arrival.  Time of day is taken into account for shadows and reflections, shot locations are check listed so we don't miss any important angles, we pre-shoot so we can adjust staging and we organize photos so they walk the viewer through the property so they clearly understand and appreciate what the home has to offer.

These are simple details most agents don’t consider, but for us they are everything. Our attention to details like this don’t stop there. They apply to every single touch point of the Eastside Collection brand. Excellence isn’t an ideal we try to sell the world. It defines how we must operate at every level. 

The Eastside Collection operates within a brokerage brand, Compass. What factors guided your decision to co-brand with your broker? 

Our brokerage, Compass is comprised of the most respected staff, management and agent peers. The office team are our partners, our mentors, our sounding board and a daily reminder to stay focused and true to ourselves. The brilliant minds, clear vision, deep commitment to the agents and trustworthiness never wain. Association with these qualities adds to the The Eastside Collection brand. That matters. It’s hard to project excellence if your broker is an unmotivated real estate automaton or whose mission and values differ from yours. 

Behind the signs

The Eastside Collection possesses a clear purpose. A defined promise. Values that guide their actions.