Lease Price $3850

2 bedrooms

2 baths

Approx 1,300 square feet

If you enjoy starting your day watching sheep do sheep things,

If you prefer coffee made by a professional barista across the street

or wine suggested by a sommelier also across the street.

If you are a parent whose child deserves the best chance in life

and would ensure that by sending them to the award winning elementary Ivanhoe,

If you have dogs and want them to have a rich social life with other dogs at the dog park,

If you have a body and use it to walk, jog or wheel around lakes,

If you prepare meals at home and prefer healthy items from a soon to be built Whole Foods,

If you are the owner of two cars and enjoy pulling them into an attached garage,

If you desire proximity to the action but require the sanctuary of a private and serene residence,

Yours is this Silver Lake Loft and the lifestyle that's in it,

And which is more - you'll be home, my friend.